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Tangle Lah! Poster

Tangle Lah!


Animated Short Film

10min 45sec

Director/Producer: Ang Qing Sheng

Production: Viddsee Studios

Voice: Nooraini Bte Wahyuni, Zulkifli Hussain, Adeline Teo, Freddy Lai, Wei Yi, Ashalatha Krishnan, K7, Ang Sek Lam, Ang Siak Hwee, Lim Hong Choo, Justen Khoo, Tan Sheng Zhe, Chan Ying Xuan

Art: Damin Kang, Elizabeth Lim

Animation: Charmaine Chong, Fanny Bratahalim, Jamin Wu, Nathalie Zimmermann, Panisara Sutisukon, Ashley Nguyen, Brian Hong, Zane Teo, Stephanie Chua, Carey Low, Linkes Waran, Patricia Olandesca, Vivien Tan, Sarah Haider, Tan Zi Ting, Avery Reyes, Lim Wei Hui, Kam Lee Shuen, Muhammad Noor Hilman, Anais Faucher

A community of neighbours have to work together to untangle and retrieve a broken laundry pole from the top floor!

Traffic Light Poster

Traffic Light


Animated Short Film

5min 52sec

Director/Producer: Ang Qing Sheng

Production: SCAPE & LASALLE College of the Arts

Voice: Mdm Lily, Ang Siak Hwee, Tan Sheng Zhe, Chan Ying Xuan, Shawn Tang Liang, Cho Young Chae, Jung Hae Ryung, Jeow Mui Hwa, Wafieqa AZ, Hakim Azizul, Lee Jiann Yun, Brian Hong

Art: Zane Teo, Damin Kang, Tori Leong, Yirl Bla Zaw, Jessica Wiratama

Animation: Fanny Bratahalim, Raul Garcia, Charmaine Chong, Jessieca Junesha, Nathalie Zimmermann, Yirl Bla Zaw, Elizabeth Lim, Catherine Analicia, Eliot Lime, Kam Lee Shuen, Lim Wei Hui, Poh Joanne, Go Na Choi, Patricia Olandesca, Jim Elliot Tan, Jamin Wu, Brian Hong

At a traffic junction in Singapore, the Green Man refuses to show up. Various types of pedestrians appear - the law abiders, impatient jaywalkers, government critics and clueless playful children. Will they cross the road on red? Who would they blame for the fault?

Kua Bo Poster

看瞴 Kua Bo


Animated Short Film

11min 14sec

Director: Ang Qing Sheng

Producer: Jamin Wu

Production: IMDA & LASALLE College of the Arts

Voice: Ang Sek Lam, Jenny, Lim Hong Choo, Ang Siak Hwee, Joanne, Tan Lay Yan, Jarrett Heng, Jarius Heng, Rocell Alejo, Martin Chan, Tan Sheng Zhe, Chan Ying Xuan

Music: Jessica Tam

Art: Khin Yupar Muang, Fanny Bratahalim, Ang Qing Sheng, Jamin Wu, Marcus Soh, Ansh Sirohi

Animation: Khin Yupar Muang, Sarah Cheok, Jennifer Chua, Jamie Goh, Febby Yao, Ang Ying Wen, Sharlene Teo, Morrie Tan, Loh Ke Hua, Christopher Lim, Muhammad Yusri, Audrey Halim, Brian Hong, Boaz Yeung, Fira, Kimberlyn Kiew, Shreya Sarma, Christine Man

In the Chinese dialect of Hokkien, "Kua Bo" stands for "cannot see". Affected by cataract, 60-year-old Tat Chuan has problems with his vision which he refuses to admit or treat. It is only after a huge blunder of seeing the lottery results wrongly that he willingly - but timidly - attends a cataract surgery.

The Fold of Fulfilment Poster

折纸阿婆 The Fold of Fulfilment


Animated Short Film

03min 00sec

Director: Ang Qing Sheng

Production: LASALLE College of the Arts

Voice: Lily Kua

Animation: Brian Hong Jaehyung, Tan Liqing Vivien

A grandma finds inner fulfilment when her granddaughter begins to like her paper folding hobby.

Lak Boh Ki Poster

掉不见 Lak Boh Ki


Animated Short Film

07min 38sec

Director: Ang Qing Sheng

Production: LASALLE College of the Arts

Voice: Tan Sheng Zhe, Jennifer Jeow, Jimmy Quan

Design: Marie Toh, Samantha Seah

Assets: Huang Jing Yu, Lewis Sang, Jeremiah Hosana, Sim Jian Hao

Animation: Nadia Santoso, Clara Patricia

Lak Boh Ki is a Hainanese term for "Drop Nowhere". A one-and-a-half year old baby who dropped his plush Merlion toy onto the ledge outside of his HDB apartment window tries to get it back, and in the palm-sweating process reveals the contemporary Singaporean landscape made up of foreigners.

It's All Econnected Poster

It's All Connected


Animated Short Film

01min 35sec

Director: Ang Qing Sheng

Production: LASALLE College of the Arts

Voice: Ang Qing Sheng

Animation: Ang Qing Sheng

Dad found an UFO toy for his son.

5 Shades of Solitude Poster

5种孤寂与静默 5 Shades of Solitude


Animated Short Film

09min 03sec

Director: Ang Qing Sheng

Adapted from 5 Colours of Melancholia and Silence
by Chow Teck Seng

Producers: Eternality Tan, David Lee Fu Nang

Production: The Filmic Eye, LASALLE College of the Arts

Design: Tan Jing Hua

Animation: Jamin Wu, Nani Nurani

Music and Sound: Moon Chew

Narration: Jimmy Quan

A man experiences five different shades of solitude – depression, yearning, denial, divergence and boredom – at different times of the day, while he is struck by a fading memory of a girl that occupied his heart.

Affinity: Our Song Poster

Affinity: Our Song


Animated Music Video

03min 49sec

Director: Ang Qing Sheng

Production: Nanyang Technological University

Characters: Vivien Chua

Cast: Zu Orzu, Wei Kit

Music Composition: Joy Woong

Music Arrangement: Moon Chew

Music Mix: Crystal Wang

Vocals: Moon Chew, Joel Chua

Lyrics (Chinese): Joanne Jeow

Lyrics (English): Joy Woong, Ang Qing Sheng

The music video features a story of a person who waits and the person whom he is waiting for, and whether affinity can bring these two people back together again.

Affinity: A Prelude Poster

Affinity: A Prelude


Animated Experimental Short

01min 25sec

Director: Ang Qing Sheng

Production: Nanyang Technological University

Music: Moon Chew

Life is full of transformations. Since birth, man undergo changes, replicate, assume different persona and pursue love. But obstacles are omnipresent.
Ultimately, one needs to believe in affinity and overcome these obstacles. The piece presents an open ending that the viewer needs to fill in with his or her life experience.
人生轉化無常. 自從出世, 我們經歷無數改變與複製, 擔當各種人物角色, 追求幸福. 但障礙重重.
最終相信緣分, 必能聚集力量, 達成目標. 作品以開放式結局激勵觀眾以自己的身世意願來完結.